The ParkPuff™ Seatbelt Pillow for Breast Cancer Patients

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The ParkPuff™ seatbelt pillow provides comfort in the car for breast cancer patients worldwide.


Introducing the ParkPuff™ (Betty Circle) 

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Our Purpose

Hi! I'm Rachel Park. 

I'm a tie designer, breast cancer survivor/awareness advocate and founder of Rachel Park Designs + Survivor Moda.

During treatment, I used my sewing skills to help my fellow survivors and created The ParkPuff™, a stylish chest-comforting, go-anywhere seatbelt pillow for breast cancer patients worldwide. 

With a portable and stylish design, The ParkPuff™ seatbelt pillow allows your chest to travel in comfort while in the car — whether you're driving or riding — in any country. (I made one for myself after surgery and have been using it daily ever since!)

All ParkPuffs are handmade with love by me in Los Angeles. 💗

Watch all of the ways Aniela McGuinness, former co-founder of Cancer Grad, awesomely uses her ParkPuff™! (NOTE: This giveaway is CLOSED.)

The two things I needed most post-mastectomy: my sense of humor and this chest cushion.
— Caddie

Our Partners


Remember betty foundation

Remember Betty is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization whose mission is to help minimize the financial burden associated with breast cancer for patients & survivors so that they can focus on recovery & quality of life.

With every purchase of the ParkPuff™ (Betty Circle), we donate a portion of proceeds to Remember Betty's important mission. 


Our Impact


Thank You!

To all of these beautiful breast cancer patients who shared their #ParkPufflove, we appreciate you!




Originally made as a gift for a dear friend (& fellow breast cancer survivor) recovering from her lumpectomy, we now proudly create the ParkPuff™ seatbelt pillow to help comfort patients worldwide.


(Breast) cancer 

Whether you've had a lumpectomy, mastectomy as a breast cancer survivor (or radiotherapy and/or port placement for chemotherapy as a cancer survivor), the ParkPuff™ will be exactly the car comfort you need. 

New moms

Placed on the lap belt, the ParkPuff™ will help make her car ride from the hospital a little more comfortable as she brings your newest family member home, especially after C-section surgery. 

childhood cancer

Honored to have been asked to create a special ParkPuff™ for a pediatric cancer survivor going through over a year of chemotherapy, our special edition ParkPuff™ (Star Wars™) will bring a smile to any mini-warrior's face. 

other medical uses

  • Chest/Heart surgery

  • Cardiothoracic surgery

  • Shoulder surgery

  • Stomach/Hysterectomy surgery (lap belt)


Our Blog

Follow my personal & honest journey as a young breast cancer survivor. 



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