Hi! I'm Rachel Park.

I'm a tie designer, breast cancer survivor/awareness advocate, and founder of Rachel Park Designs + Survivor Moda. 

In September of 2014, I felt a small lump in my breast. I was devastated when doctors confirmed my worst fears, and I was diagnosed with Stage IIB triple-negative breast cancer. After 15 rounds of chemotherapy, three surgeries and 32 radiation treatments, I'm thankful to officially be declared cancer-free! 


"Often told I’m ‘too young for cancer,’ I’m especially passionate about helping other young breast cancer survivors feel less alone.”


Surviving in Style.

With a background in fashion, I was determined to keep my fashion sense during treatment. Not a fan of wigs and wanting to look more natural, I experimented with scarves during chemo and received lots of compliments. Cancer took many things from me, but I wouldn't let it take my style!

Although everyone kept telling me that I didn't "look sick" (I WAS), staying stylish was important to me, and the extra confidence boost helped me feel better through it all. I wanted to create a helpful resource for other breast cancer survivors to not forget their sense of style during treatment, and Survivor Moda (which is a play on "survivor mode," plus moda means "fashion" in Spanish) was born. 


Handmade with love by me.


During treatment, I used my sewing skills to help my fellow survivors and created The ParkPuff™, a stylish chest-comforting, go-anywhere seatbelt pillow for breast cancer patients worldwide. 

With a portable and stylish design, The ParkPuff™ seatbelt pillow allows your chest to travel in comfort while in the car — whether you're driving or riding — in any country. (I made one for myself after surgery and have been using it daily ever since!)

All ParkPuffs are handmade with love by me in Los Angeles. 💗