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The two things I needed most post-mastectomy: my sense of humor and this chest cushion. 

Rachel Park’s body cushion was perfect for more than just car rides post-mastectomy. I did use it in the car around the seatbelt, which was invaluable in the weeks following my surgery. But more than that, six weeks post-surgery, I still carry it in my bag with me to use to protect my chest from accidental bumps when my two young kids sit on my lap.

On top of its functionality, the design is cute and bright and cheerful. I hope I never have an occasion to give this as a gift, but if a friend or family member winds up in my predicament, this cushion is at the top of my list of gifts to give to breast cancer patients.




I never looked at my diagnosis as something that was devastating or tragic. Instead, I used it as an opportunity to open myself up to receive the unexpected blessings cancer can bring. Rachel Park was one of those.

The ParkPuff™ was a beautiful and functional gift that not only made post-surgery car trips more comfortable, but it also reminded me just how much I was loved. It is so vibrant and original that I smile every time I use it.




This has been a godsend, Rachel. Your ParkPuff™ gives me a hug in the car and makes the journey so much better. Thank you! xx




This was my first time out of my Mom’s house in over a week, on the way to my first post-op appointment to get those dreaded surgical drains out with the help of my awesome seatbelt pad sent my way by Remember Betty and [New Kids On the Block’s] Danny Wood. Forever indebted.

Highly recommend this nifty ParkPuff™ by Rachel Park to my breast friends out there, kicking cancer’s ass right along with me! 




I spend a lot of time driving to and from appointments, more than I’d like to, but such is life these days. After multiple surgeries and radiation this past year, though, it felt uncomfortable having the seatbelt in my car rub against my chest, so I was excited once I received my ParkPuff™ in the mail.

It is super cute and comfortable and is handmade from a fellow breast cancer survivor, Rachel Park, who I had the pleasure of meeting last March at the Young Survival Coalition Summit in Oakland, CA.

Even my husband approved of it when borrowing my car! Highly recommend for anyone who is undergoing radiation, mastectomy, breast reconstruction, or port placement surgeries. Thanks, Rachel!



rebecca, nurse navigator

I’ve been using the ParkPuff™ on my seatbelt to protect my collarbone, after I had a (non-cancerous) lesion removed. It has been a lifesaver!




My friend ordered this for me after my lumpectomy surgery! It sits great on the strap and provides good comfort!! Very happy with it!




Really soft for radiated breast so I could drive with my seatbelt on. Highly recommended.




This ParkPuff™ was my best friend when I had to be in the car post-surgery. Thank you so much!




I recently purchased one for someone in my life who had a lumpectomy, and she loves it! She told me it makes driving much less uncomfortable, and she also loves the ParkPuff™’s nifty colors!

If any of you out there know someone who has had (or is about to have) breast surgery of some kind, I would highly recommend this product as a get well gift. Spread the word!




I finally opened my ParkPuff™ & slid it around the safety belt, and it’s so cool.

Thanks, Rachel, for being a true inspiration as a fellow triple-negative breast cancer survivor & displaying such a classy innovation!




My port had to get moved for radiation, and the new one rests below my collarbone and directly underneath the seatbelt. This is the first time I’ve been able to drive with both hands. I love my ParkPuff™!




I’ve not been using my belt properly since April, due to the pain I was in. When surgery rolls around, this will be a must on the long drive home from Mayo.




Perfect! Comfortable and cute. It really helps the seatbelt not to press into my chest. I plan on using this for several weeks post-surgery.




My ParkPuff™ had been a blessing on our long road trip! The seatbelt rubs and hurts my port, so it works perfectly.




Great product!! Had a double mastectomy and this has been a huge help! Quality is excellent! I would definitely buy again and refer others.